1. Jarrett Gucci says:

    Thanks for this post Marketing Kelly.

    I like #3 the best. I am horrible with remembering names and even industries the person is in.

    I think in general small business owners have a pretty bad memory because there are many things they are focused on. So with that said, it’s always huge to have something memorable about you when you meet someone.

    I remember this guy I used to network with that always wore his name badge sideways so people would either come and fix it or tell him it was crooked. Even something as little as this can be memorable because it won’t happen over and over and he would real them in once the dialogue started.


  2. The sideways name badge always works to get people to engage initially. But do we remember what business he was in? It’s like those commercials that have a catchy tune or some interesting dialogue, but we never remember what they’re selling.

    Thanks for sharing and your comments.

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