Why You Should Consider B2B Influencer Marketing

Maybe it wasn’t exactly branded as such, but influencer marketing has been around for a long time. Celebrities have been paid to endorse brands for decades. However, advancements in social media marketing have driven the way businesses market themselves to change at a rapid pace and B2B influencer marketing is just one more step inRead more

How To Create Content for the Technical B2B Buyer

Your customers’ decision process is transforming. Thanks to the growing digital landscape, technical buyers have more options than ever. As a result, the B2B market is evolving. Your company’s marketing strategy should evolve, too. Offering quality products or services is simply not enough for the technical B2B buyer. How can your company stand out inRead more

Ideal Client Profile – Understanding the Facts and Fears Is the Real Silver Bullet

Whether you use the term avatar or qualified prospect or buyer persona or ideal client profile doesn’t much matter.  What does matter is that you (and everyone else in the business) understand, as best you can, the person behind the profile. The better you know your Ideal Client, the better your marketing becomes.  You know whoRead more

Outreach Emails –How to Get Attention and Response

No doubt, if you’re a salesperson, business owner, or somehow responsible for business development, you’ve spent time on outreach emails. Sure, there are lots of sophisticated tools and advertising strategies that can help create awareness for your company, but in order to move a prospect forward, you have to know how to write impactful, appealingRead more

Looking to Grow Your Business? Try Talking to Your Customers

Growth hacking is something you hear a fair bit about right now. Everyone is looking for the faster, stronger way to grow their business. Fortunately, the secret to growth is right under our noses. But it’s not new, it’s not techy, and it’s really not that complicated. But it does require some commitment, integrity andRead more

Six Steps to Closing B2B Referrals – Effective Strategies for Reaching Your Target Market

Referrals are the fastest ­path to closing new business.  However, there are some best practices associated with the art of closing referrals.  There are an endless number of resources offering insight, some of it is way off base and even uncomfortable for many. If you’ve used some of these strategies unsuccessfully or are tired ofRead more

9 Ways Your Web Site Can Build Trust

Your web site is the first place your referral partners should send prospects because it helps to confirm everything they’ve said about you.  There are many ways your web site can build trust and credibility with your readers.  And it’s up to you to ensure you’ve set all those signals up to your advantage. Your web site’sRead more