Digital Marketing Education For The Non-Marketer

Because the world of marketing has changed tremendously in the last 10 years, this list of terms was created to provide some digital marketing education.  Much of the industry’s evolution has been propelled by the internet and what has become digital marketing.  It has inspired a language all its own and for those getting startedRead more

Social Media Marketing Results—4 Elements Brands Can’t Ignore

While there’s hardly a company around that isn’t using social media marketing to some extent, many are not using it all that effectively. I hear folks commenting on how they’re not sure how to figure out their return on their investment or how to know if they’re making any kind of impact. In order toRead more

Successful Social Media Marketing –How it Fits Into Your Plan

According to some industry reports from Hubspot, 80% of marketers and 60% of sales professionals have found qualified leads via social media sites. But just because you post on social media sites, that doesn’t mean you’ll experience success. Many businesses have experienced success using social media marketing, and many have not. Just like every otherRead more

B2B Referral Marketing Programs: The Missing Ingredient for Success

Don’t Underestimate the Value of B2B Referral Marketing Few things are as valuable to a business as a steady lead generation strategy that produces hot leads. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have this luxury. For the majority of B2B organizations, generating leads involves cold calling, intensive networking, and the occasional organic lead. While there’s nothing wrongRead more

Top 3 Direct Mail Marketing Blunders

Don’t underestimate the value of direct mail marketing despite today’s digital age. That’s actually one of the best reasons to use direct mail—because so many have reverted to online-only tactics—direct mail can give you an opportunity to stand-out from the competition. Over time, I think we’ve all seen some very detrimental direct mail mistakes. SomeRead more

Top-of-Funnel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

For your products and services to succeed, people have to know about them and that’s the whole point of marketing. Marketing is about creating awareness first and then about getting people to take action. But the best top-of-funnel marketing is really about deliver thought leadership and high-value content and education that discuss how to solveRead more

How To Make Trade Shows More Valuable

How To Make Trade Shows More Valuable A number of my clients use trade shows to connect with new prospects and strategic partners. Trade shows can be particularly valuable for generating awareness and new opportunities, however, there is some pre-work that should be done to ensure you get the most of your investment. Below areRead more