How to Create Engaging Case Studies

Case studies tend to be the most valuable form of content for my clients. That’s why we always start with case studies when I begin working with a new client. Case studies are the most useful piece of content because they provide the proof that we need to confirm that a business can deliver theRead more

How to Tell B2B Stories To Make Your Company Memorable

It’s important to know how b2b marketers can use stories to make their companies, products and services stand out from the competition.  Stories not only help you connect with the reader, but they also make you memorable. Stories make you stand out and demonstrate some personality that might not otherwise come through. In today’s marketingRead more

B2B Online Reputation Management–Why It’s Important

Regardless of the business or industry, every business already has an online reputation. Your online reputation is a consolidation of all the information about your business across the internet. Today, it’s a very common practice for us to research our purchases on the web. No matter the item, we look for reviews, comments both goodRead more

How to Create Great Content Consistently

We’ve all heard the reasons why content marketing is essential to any business–for SEO purposes, for demonstrating expertise and gaining credibility, and probably most important, for creating an audience. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all after–that’s what has true value. But you’ve been creating content for a while now. And youRead more

How to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

A key element to building your business through social media is being able to engage with your audience. Posting for the sake of posting won’t get you where you want to go. The goal is to capture attention and motivate people to not only become part of your business community but to also become lifelongRead more

How to Optimize Your Social Media Activity Via Click-Throughs

Publishing social media updates with links to your web site is one way to generate more traffic. But it’s not quite as simple as just publishing the links–unfortunately, it’s not build it, and they will come. There are seven steps you should follow to optimize your social media marketing to generate the click-through activity necessaryRead more

Thought Leadership as a B2B Social Selling Strategy

Now is the time to think about thought leadership as a B2B social selling strategy.  When you are in the business of B2B selling, it is no longer enough to cold call a business professional and hope they bite. Businesses are being flooded with offers from other callers, conferences, and people in their networks. InRead more