Earned Media—What Is It and How Do You Get It?

By now, we’ve heard several industry experts like Joe Pullizzi from Content Marketing Institute suggest that businesses are now very much media companies.  By and large, our companies are producing content in varying formats to deliver information to our audiences via a myriad of media types.  Media companies develop media for the purposes of generating revenue directlyRead more

Best Marketing Books of 2013

This is my personal list of the best marketing books of 2013.  Like any professional, it’s important to continue to read and look for ongoing education opportunities.  And this year, I’ve come across several business and marketing books that I’ve found extremely motivating and helpful.  So here’s my look at the year in review inRead more

Top 10 Tech Gifts for 2013

I love this list of tech gifts for 2013.  It seems like every year I struggle to find the perfect gift for my clients and friends.  I can always pinpoint a general idea of what I want to get a person, but then when it comes to choosing a specific gift within a category, IRead more

Social Media Marketing–Buzz Phrase or Real Business Builder?

In the minds of many businesses, social media marketing isn’t just a buzz phrase anymore—it’s become a necessary form of marketing.  After all social media is really just an extension of word-of-mouth marketing.  But is it a means of marketing that will work for businesses that don’t sell to the consumer? Certainly, we’ve seen it become aRead more