What You Need to Know About Buying A Mailing List

For many B2B businesses, buying a mailing list is often a consideration when it comes to lead generation.  When you make the decision to buy a list, it’s important to understand the pros and cons and know what questions to ask throughout this process. Some may argue that emailing a list of strangers is not theRead more

Why Content Marketing Is Important

The value of content marketing and content itself has been a popular topic for a few years now.  And yet many businesses still question why it’s necessary for a business to deliver content. By now, you know there are a multitude of really good reasons to include content in your marketing plan.  Content marketing helps your prospectsRead more

How To Create Great Video Content For Your Business

Video content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market any business today.  It has become so popular and effective due to both technological advances and the popularity of social media sharing that it really should be a key marketing tactic for every business. Like everything else related to content marketing, many businesses, largeRead more

Simple Tips for Press Release Writing for Businesses

Regular Press Release writing should be part of any marketing plan in today’s digital world.  For details on why it’s an important marketing tactic, click here. The internet has become the dominant source of distribution for press releases now, so it’s important to understand how that affects what you may or may not include in aRead more