How To Use Your Blog To Generate Leads

I was working with some clients recently discussing goals for the 2013 year and one of them mentioned that their priority this year was to enhance their online presence and to also make it profitable.  Excellent.  We all love profit, but how do you make your online presence profitable? One of the ways is to ensure thatRead more

Building Organic SEO in to Your Web Site

In the past, business owners and entrepreneurs spent their time pounding the pavement, hitting the phone, and making cold calls.  They spent valuable resources on trade show booths, travelling to no show appointments or appointments with people that weren’t really qualified, or anywhere near their picture of an ideal client—ultimately wasting time. Now that we haveRead more

Business Blogging to Build The Brand

Business blogging has proved itself as a useful tool for building business for several years now for a multitude of reasons.  Not only does it help to drive more traffic to your web site and assist with search engine optimization, it also helps to enhance and build the credibility and brand of a business.  It’s a veryRead more

Build Your Own Blog Post Images

Ensuring your blog posts are aesthetically pleasing has a huge impact on the volume of readers that stick around to peruse additional content.  For many, the decision to read has a good deal to do with the image that accompanies the post.  It has much value just like the headline so it’s important to includeRead more