Business Blogging to Build The Brand

Business blogging has proved itself as a useful tool for building business for several years now for a multitude of reasons.  Not only does it help to drive more traffic to your web site and assist with search engine optimization, it also helps to enhance and build the credibility and brand of a business.  It’s a veryRead more

3 Things We Can Learn From the Chief Underpants Officer

“The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir.” Nick Graham, CEO of Fresh Happy People and Founder/ Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer I love these words from Nick Graham, founder of Fresh Happy People and Founder/Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer.  This is the thinking of someone who understands the importanceRead more

Why Promotional Products Are Important for Business

Promotional items provide a business with the opportunity to control the marketing message and how the clients perceive the business.  They are a unique and targeted message that shows you value your customers.  Using logo branded promotional products to brand your business can be done in an easy, simple and cost-effective way. The idea isRead more

Who Should You be Watching on Google Alerts?

When I talk about one of the first rules of the internet, I tell people to listen first.  Listen to what is being asked online, what problems people are trying to solve, and what others are saying as it relates to your area of expertise.  And one of the easiest ways to actively listen onlineRead more