Too Many Choices Can Affect the Client Experience and Revenue

Is it just me or is buying consumer products like toothpaste and laundry detergent almost paralyzing?  The choice has become out of control and goodness knows that a couple of months later when you go back to buy the same version, they’re certain to have changed the packaging.  But is that good for business? HavingRead more

How To Build a New Client Welcome Kit

Building a client experience is your best opportunity to create a level of differentiation that others will be challenged to duplicate.  The client experience starts from the moment a prospect comes in contact with you all the way through to the point at which they’ve become an advocate for you and referring others to you. Read more

3 Opportunities to Differentiate Your Business

I always ask business owners to tell me what they think separates them from their competition and that’s a tough one.  Because usually what they tell me are the same things I can go and read about on their competitor websites.  Finding a point of differentiation can be challenging, but a little brainstorming can goRead more

A Six Step Process to Enhancing Your Client Experience

I regularly talk about building systems within your business because it’s the easiest way to create a consistent and repeatable methodology around an activity in your business.  And you can use that system idea to create a consistent and repeatable experience for your prospects and clients.  With a system, you can also measure and uncover ways toRead more