How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Business

Podcasting isn’t new, but it’s certainly important to understand how podcasting can benefit your business. It’s been an active form of audio content for more than a decade. However, it’s generally one that many businesses overlook. The word “podcast” is a blend of the two words, blog and iPod. It’s often presented as a series,Read more

The Benefits of Brand Marketing–Important for B2B Businesses

The benefits of brand marketing are critical today.  In so many business to business companies, just 25-30% of leads are attributed to marketing efforts – and some might even say that these numbers should be even lower. Regardless, of that 25-30%, at least half if not more, arrive via your website and searches for yourRead more

Necessary Content Marketing Team Roles

There are a number of content marketing team roles that are necessary to deliver an effective content marketing strategy.  Content marketing is quickly becoming a way of life for marketers. And because it is now so prevalent, the execution of content marketing is becoming increasingly complicated. With all of these changes comes a need forRead more

Building a Client Experience

Building marketing strategy is about identifying your ideal client and being able to communicate how you’re different from the competition.  And for many small business owners, creating an element of differentiation is very challenging. Where do you start? The diagram below details a concept from Duct Tape Marketing known as The Marketing HourglassTM.  The concept is similarRead more