Blogging Best Practices – 7 Tips for Better Blogs

Blogging is an incredibly effective means of helping to drive more traffic to your web site.  Because I’m a big believer in the value of blogging, I’ve written a number of blog posts recently to encourage and help others to blog more frequently and be more effective with their blogging. The best blog posts are those thatRead more

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Amplify Your Content

Most people are aware of the value in using social media to announce when you’ve posted new information to your blog.  However, the real value is creating a social media routine that you use with every piece of content to increase your chances of having your work read and some level of interaction with your readers.  AddingRead more

4 Tips for Better Blogging Topics

I’m always telling my clients and readers that they need to be writing—whether it be a blog or articles for e-zines, writing and commenting on other’s articles is the best way to become known as an expert in your industry and create some credibility for yourself.   But then you ask me “what should I writeRead more

Social Media–Should You Outsource?

As social media becomes a more and more important part of marketing, I am often asked ‘Should I outsource my social media?’ or comments like ‘I just don’t have the time to dedicated to this.’  No question, social media, like all marketing, takes a financial commitment and, even more so, a time commitment.  Social mediaRead more