Email Marketing 101–How To Grow Your Email List

I find it funny how frequently I hear people say email marketing is dead.  That’s simply not the case.  The percentage of people who use email is astonishing–more than 90% depending on the source of research. Regardless, the fact remains that you must continue to work at growing your email marketing lists and continue to be relevant. GrowingRead more

How To Build a Content Calendar That’s Good For Your Business

Most small business owners tell me their biggest challenge with content is knowing and organizing what to write about.  There’s no question–content creation is hard and we’re always trying to make it easier with resources like this content creation guide .  Content strategy is really about planning your content around your business so you know whenRead more

What Is a Landing Page and How Do I Use It?–Best Practices

In a few of our recent ebooks, Building a Total Online Presence and The Total Online Presence Blueprint, we’ve provided some details on the benefits of employing landing page campaigns.  Because this is a concept that I get asked about a great deal lately, I thought I’d write a post detailing how to use landing pages and some bestRead more

5 Business Blogging Metrics To Keep An Eye On

We all talk about the benefits of business blogging, yet surprisingly, many business owners aren’t really sure how to tell whether or not it’s providing any impact.  If you look at simple statistics from sources like Hubspot, we know that web sites that have blogs get 55% more traffic than those that don’t have aRead more