How Much Do You Give Away for Free?

I always say that the best way for a business owner to build trust is to make your prospects and customers better consumers in your industry. And that’s why creating and delivering and sharing educational content is important. We’ve been talking about the value of content for some time now. Writing and delivering content helpsRead more

Twas The Night Before Christmas, When All Through The Business…

With the holidays so near, it felt like the right time to have some fun with our own version of  The Night Before Christmas. Twas last year, the night before Christmas, when all through the business, There wasn’t a piece of content making a peep, no, not even a tweet. The website was now liveRead more

Need Help Creating Content? Check out Storify.

Storify allows you to create articles, blog posts, stories, etc. using content from other’s Tweets, Facebook status updates, photos from Flickr, videos from Facebook or YouTube – from pretty much anywhere there is social public content on the web. You’ll be able to pull information for what you’re looking for, and then add in theseRead more

5 Simple Ways to Write Content to Build Trust

  I’ve been preaching about the value of content for awhile now and some of you are starting to get the message. Content is a powerful tool for generating Google juice for your web site, but it’s also a critical factor in helping to build trust and credibility.  For a business just getting into the content game,Read more