Top 3 Direct Mail Marketing Blunders

Don’t underestimate the value of direct mail marketing despite today’s digital age. That’s actually one of the best reasons to use direct mail—because so many have reverted to online-only tactics—direct mail can give you an opportunity to stand-out from the competition. Over time, I think we’ve all seen some very detrimental direct mail mistakes. SomeRead more

Top-of-Funnel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

For your products and services to succeed, people have to know about them and that’s the whole point of marketing. Marketing is about creating awareness first and then about getting people to take action. But the best top-of-funnel marketing is really about deliver thought leadership and high-value content and education that discuss how to solveRead more

Marketing Terminology 101–Terms You Need to Know

The field of marketing is a lot like other specialty fields. There are industry terms for everything. It helps create order and ensure that when marketers talk and share ideas, they’re discussing the same ideas. Jargon, aka industry terminology, helps create communication shortcuts. If you’re not a marketer, you need marketing terminology 101. As a businessRead more

How To Build a Marketing Budget

Does your company know how to build and use a marketing budget?  Most don’t.  Most wait to see what they need, then react.  Why do we budget for other things, but not for generating new business? When I ask my prospects about a marketing budget, most of them tell they ‘kind of’ have and useRead more