How to Create Engaging Case Studies

Case studies tend to be the most valuable form of content for my clients. That’s why we always start with case studies when I begin working with a new client. Case studies are the most useful piece of content because they provide the proof that we need to confirm that a business can deliver theRead more

How To Nurture Sales leads

Most clients come to me simply because they aren’t generating enough leads. They believe that if they could just get more ‘at bats’ or leads, they could increase their sales. While there’s some truth to this, one of the things that I see lacking in the marketing programs from many companies is a solid leadRead more

The Business Goals of Content Marketing

We can talk about the business goals of content marketing, but for the most part, the underlying premise behind any marketing is to generate awareness and get to people to take action.  In the case of content marketing, it actually helps to write down a list of desired actions that will help you get toRead more

The Modern Rules of Lead Generation

Recently, I’ve been speaking a good deal about lead generation tools and the best ways to go about generating qualified leads.  And this is going to be different for every business–that’s why we have to understand the ideal client for a business before we get into lead generation tactics.  That’s a topic for another postRead more