How To Build a Landing Page

Surprisingly, a number of business owners don’t know how to build a landing page.  Landing pages are critical for capturing leads.  A landing page is a page on your website that can only be reached by clicking on a link from an ad or another call to action, and are meant only to capture leadsRead more

Email Marketing 101–How To Grow Your Email List

I find it funny how frequently I hear people say email marketing is dead.  That’s simply not the case.  The percentage of people who use email is astonishing–more than 90% depending on the source of research. Regardless, the fact remains that you must continue to work at growing your email marketing lists and continue to be relevant. GrowingRead more

How To Build a Total Online Presence–Start With A CMS

Most businesses think that once they have a web site and maybe some regular activity on a social network, they’ve established themselves online.  After working with a number of B2B clients recently, we proved that simply having just wasn’t cutting it because very little traffic was actually coming through on their web sites.  We discovered that theirRead more

How To Get Massive Amounts of Work Done–Productivity Tools for Small Business

In the small business world, we have to make the most of all of our resources, human, financial and otherwise.  There’s no question that time is money, and for this reason alone, it’s pertinent to understand how you can automate tasks and use technology to provide some assistance. I continually look at ways myself and myRead more