More Questions to Ask Your Web Designer — Part 2

Last week, I wrote a post that discussed the first 5 questions to ask when you are shopping for a web designer.  Building a web site is no easy feat, so 5 questions is clearly not enough to give you the full picture to prepare you to make the best investment possible.  So, let’s expand onRead more

The First 5 Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Web Designer

Regardless of whether you sell to businesses or consumers, you need a website.  In today’s environment, a website is tablestakes to being in business, and now more than ever, it’s the gateway to your credibility and your reputation. You spend money on a lot of things—capital assets like computer equipment, communication tools like telephones andRead more

7 Things to Do Before 2012

As we prepare to enter a New Year, I find this is a great time to get yourself organized and set your small business up for success before we enter the New Year.  We want to get organized across the whole business and this is a great time to do just that. To get thingsRead more

Time & Money, It Takes Both to Market a Small Business

Regardless of what you’re up to, there’s a certain amount of time and money required if it’s worth doing at all.  Some people think that you can just throw money at it, and that will solve the problem.  And others think that if you put enough time into something you should be able to reapRead more