Top 7 Direct Marketing Campaign Challenges

Direct marketing is one tactic that you have in your marketing toolbox. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t maximize the power of direct mail or the power of a solid database. The following questions will help you overcome the top direct marketing campaign challenges. 1. Which Comes First, The Data or The Audience? The first question toRead more

Your Checklist to Better Web Site Conversions

Web site conversions can take many different forms depending on your business and are an extremely important metric for keeping track of performance. For B2B organizations, there are a number of items on this checklist that can help to ensure the traffic on your site is sticking around and taking action that you can record.Read more

5 Website Metrics to Help You Optimize Performance

In talking to a lot of business owners, they frequently tell me they don’t know how to tell if their website is adding any value because they don’t know what to look for.  Taking a look at these 5 web site metrics will help you understand how your web site is functioning and give youRead more