The Key To Marketing Success–The OneThing You Need To Do

Everyone always wants to know the magical formula to building marketing success.  I’m often asked ‘what one thing do you think is the key to marketing success?’  Great question–it’s kind of like asking about that one magical formula for weight loss. If you ask me for the key to marketing success–I’ll tell you.  Taking action. Read more

The Simplest Marketing Routine To Build Your Business

  Having a marketing routine is key to creating success in your business.  Routine builds that element of consistency that’s required for generating marketing momentum.  The simple routine that’s described in this video is perfect for those of you that have a short-attention span.  4 extremely simple things to do and keep track of.  LetRead more

Building a Marketing Routine

Successful marketing is routine and consistent.  Routine and consistency is what builds momentum and momentum is what build business growth.  Do you practice a marketing routine?  

3 Critical Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Sesame Street

  Flying with a two year old can be exceedingly unpleasant without Elmo and his cast of characters from the ever popular Sesame Street.  I certainly don’t condone the boob tube as a babysitter, however, they did provide some much needed entertainment for both my son and myself on a recent 5 hour journey.  But it didn’tRead more