SEO Best Practices for Blogs

SEO best practices for blogs are critical to keeping your site and your content relevant to the search engines. We all  know how vital SEO is to enhancing our organization’s web presence.   SEO is a very complex world and in an effort to simplify the topic somewhat, let’s talk about on-page SEO and off-page SEO.Read more

Building a Client Experience

Building marketing strategy is about identifying your ideal client and being able to communicate how you’re different from the competition.  And for many small business owners, creating an element of differentiation is very challenging. Where do you start? The diagram below details a concept from Duct Tape Marketing known as The Marketing HourglassTM.  The concept is similarRead more

The 4 Things Your Referral Sources Need to Know

  Referral Marketing is the most cost effective form of lead generation out there and probably the most common, and yet very few business owners actually have a formal referral marketing process or system.  The more you consider marketing and referral marketing a system, the more successful you’ll be with it. We already have allRead more

Your Role In Building Your New Website

Building and maintaining a website takes an immense amount of time and effort, but it can be the most powerful tool for you and your business.  And while your designer has key tasks in this process and we’ve spoken about those over the last few weeks (see Part 1 and Part 2), you, as a businessRead more