How To Make More Money–5 Actions For You and Your Business

Hopefully you’ve already thought about goal setting for 2013.  I’ve been working with several clients to identify what objectives and actions we’ll focus on for the coming year, and there’s a recurring theme.  Business owners always want to know how to make more money. Great question and it’s worth stating that there’s no magical formula. Read more

The Key To Marketing Success–The OneThing You Need To Do

Everyone always wants to know the magical formula to building marketing success.  I’m often asked ‘what one thing do you think is the key to marketing success?’  Great question–it’s kind of like asking about that one magical formula for weight loss. If you ask me for the key to marketing success–I’ll tell you.  Taking action. Read more

Need Content Inspiration?

How do I find content ideas and inspiration?  You already have 3 great sources–jut mine them a little.    

5 Website Metrics to Help You Optimize Performance

In talking to a lot of business owners, they frequently tell me they don’t know how to tell if their website is adding any value because they don’t know what to look for.  Taking a look at these 5 web site metrics will help you understand how your web site is functioning and give youRead more