Digital Marketing Education For The Non-Marketer

Because the world of marketing has changed tremendously in the last 10 years, this list of terms was created to provide some digital marketing education.  Much of the industry’s evolution has been propelled by the internet and what has become digital marketing.  It has inspired a language all its own and for those getting startedRead more

8 Tools To Boost Your Blog

With endless methods out there all claiming to help you create a better blog, it’s hard to know which of them actually work. Fortunately, the following 8 tools to boost your blog will help you in all aspects of blogging–from ideas to search engine optimization. 1.  Qualaroo Every writer finds themselves, at some point orRead more

Top 7 Direct Marketing Campaign Challenges

Direct marketing is one tactic that you have in your marketing toolbox. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t maximize the power of direct mail or the power of a solid database. The following questions will help you overcome the top direct marketing campaign challenges. 1. Which Comes First, The Data or The Audience? The first question toRead more

Small Business Goals for 2013

This time of year always brings new goals and new starts.  If 2012 was a great year for you, congratulations and let’s keep it going!  If you were excited to see it go and thrilled to welcome 2013, now is the time to create a plan to make it the best year possible.  I’m alwaysRead more