How To Get Massive Amounts of Work Done–Productivity Tools for Small Business

In the small business world, we have to make the most of all of our resources, human, financial and otherwise.  There’s no question that time is money, and for this reason alone, it’s pertinent to understand how you can automate tasks and use technology to provide some assistance. I continually look at ways myself and myRead more

3 Ways to Create Powerful Video Messages with MailVu

Mailvu is a tool that I’ve been using and talking about for awhile now.  It allows you to create personal video messages, record them, and send them just like an email.  Because we are all so used to email, it’s a nice alternative to email communications which can become a little impersonal and ho-hum. WhileRead more

6 Tips for the Perfect Hand-written Note Card

By now, I think you all know how much I value the hand-written note card as a tool that should be part of every marketing plan.  So once you’ve decided that you’re going to make use of the note card, you’ve got to determine what to write in that card, and strangely enough, this isRead more

Is Your Email Signature the Quality Marketing Tool It Could Be?

  I’m always interested in tools that can add more value to the things we already do on a daily basis in ourbusiness.  And we all send and respond to plenty of email.  And the email signature is a tool that I think iswildly underused as a means of marketing your business and making aRead more