7 Tips for Writing Better Press Releases

Recently, I’ve share a good deal of information about what kinds of topics are worthy of issuing a press release.  And last week, I shared some details on several online press release distribution sites to show you how to use the press release to generate traffic and act as a source of lead generation.  But the pressRead more

8 Press Release Distribution Options

Now that you know what is newsworthy in your business (see post on what kinds of information to announce), you have to decide how you’d like to distribute your press release.  There are numerous sites to choose from and which site you choose really depends on a number of variables –starting with budget. The differenceRead more

5 Newsworthy Items For Promoting Your Business Online

There are three forms of lead generation:  advertising, referral marketing, and public relations.  And for most small businesses, advertising and referral marketing feel very natural for businesses to use.  Public relations, however, is a tool many businesses shy away from and it’s generally because they aren’t aware of what they have that is newsworthy. Just think ofRead more

3 Steps For Small Businesses to Get Started With Public Relations

There are three key ways to generate leads for your small business:  advertising, referrals, and public relations.  Most business owners are very familiar with the age-old classic of advertising and referrals is usually how most businesses really get started.  But public relations is a lead generation method that is often left alone and yet isRead more