Customer Retention–How To Keep Your Customers

There are several marketing methods and tactics to consider that are specifically focused on ways to promote customer retention. Recognizing that it’s certainly less expensive to keep the clients  that you do have is step one.  After that, it’s about execution and actually creating messaging and opportunities for communication to keep those customers coming back. The mostRead more

The 4 Things Your Referral Sources Need to Know

  Referral Marketing is the most cost effective form of lead generation out there and probably the most common, and yet very few business owners actually have a formal referral marketing process or system.  The more you consider marketing and referral marketing a system, the more successful you’ll be with it. We already have allRead more

Incenting Your Referral Sources?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a number of conversations with various people regarding referrals and incentives.  I belong to a closed networking group which means that only one person from each professional specialty can participate in the group.  So, in this group, the purpose of our networking is to actually bring referrals toRead more

Do you Collect on Your Referral Opportunities?

It’s Referral Monday and as always, I’m writing about building your referral marketing program for your business.  The first part of building a referral marketing plan is actually deserving referrals and believing that you do.  Once you’re convinced that you deserve referrals, then you can actually work at executing the rest of your referral marketingRead more