Thought Leadership as a B2B Social Selling Strategy

Now is the time to think about thought leadership as a B2B social selling strategy.  When you are in the business of B2B selling, it is no longer enough to cold call a business professional and hope they bite. Businesses are being flooded with offers from other callers, conferences, and people in their networks. InRead more

Are You Using The Willy Nilly Approach to Social Media?

While I’m a big believer in using tools to help us automate the repetitive processes in our business, I also think there’s much benefit to ensuring that those ‘touches’ don’t sound robotic.  Do you use any kind of strategy to post or do you just put it out there willy-nilly? Just because you can automateRead more

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Amplify Your Content

Most people are aware of the value in using social media to announce when you’ve posted new information to your blog.  However, the real value is creating a social media routine that you use with every piece of content to increase your chances of having your work read and some level of interaction with your readers.  AddingRead more

Key Takeaways from Chris Brogan’s “Google+ For Business

We couldn’t have asked for this book to come from a better source than Chris Brogan — someone with real experience playing with social networks and understanding how to use a network like this for business.  And that’s really the value of this book and that’s exactly what I wanted to know. As a business owner, IRead more