How To Create Great Video Content For Your Business

Video content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market any business today.  It has become so popular and effective due to both technological advances and the popularity of social media sharing that it really should be a key marketing tactic for every business. Like everything else related to content marketing, many businesses, largeRead more

The Less Than Ideal Client

  Do you know how to accurately describe your ideal client?  I think this is a huge problem for most business owners so what I suggest is to reverse engineer that client profile.  We usually have a pretty good idea who we don’t work particularly well with so start there.

The Simplest Marketing Routine To Build Your Business

  Having a marketing routine is key to creating success in your business.  Routine builds that element of consistency that’s required for generating marketing momentum.  The simple routine that’s described in this video is perfect for those of you that have a short-attention span.  4 extremely simple things to do and keep track of.  LetRead more

5 Tips For Creating A Website Video Introduction

Studies indicate marketers plan to use video more frequently in their marketing action plans over the next couple of years.  One of the reasons that video has become more appealing is simply because of Google’s ownership of YouTube and the fact that it seems to feature video content very readily during searches.  YouTube is alsoRead more