Your Online Presence is Your Credibility Platform

There’s been a tremendous amount written recently about why a business really needs an online presence.  In fact, a recent survey by the folks at ComScore suggests that as high as 92% of consumers and businesses in the market for products, services or solutions turn online first to source, find and engage even local businesses. And forRead more

How To Build a Total Online Presence–Start With A CMS

Most businesses think that once they have a web site and maybe some regular activity on a social network, they’ve established themselves online.  After working with a number of B2B clients recently, we proved that simply having just wasn’t cutting it because very little traffic was actually coming through on their web sites.  We discovered that theirRead more

5 Website Metrics to Help You Optimize Performance

In talking to a lot of business owners, they frequently tell me they don’t know how to tell if their website is adding any value because they don’t know what to look for.  Taking a look at these 5 web site metrics will help you understand how your web site is functioning and give youRead more

Lead Generation Isn’t Your Biggest Problem

When I meet with small business owners they always tell me their biggest problem is that they don’t generate enough leads.  And lead generation can be challenging, however, I don’t think lead generations is the real issue–I think the issue is really lead nurturing, and this is particularly true for B2B. Think about the way youRead more