How To Create Content for the Technical B2B Buyer

technical B2B buyerYour customers’ decision process is transforming.

Thanks to the growing digital landscape, technical buyers have more options than ever.

As a result, the B2B market is evolving. Your company’s marketing strategy should evolve, too.

Offering quality products or services is simply not enough for the technical B2B buyer. How can your company stand out in such a fast-paced market?

Your website needs to offer quality, stand-out content.

In fact, content (or lack thereof) can make or break your B2B business. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to influence the decision maker’s buying process. Buyers don’t just want content – they need it!

Will your clients remember your website and seek out your business? Or will they click away and forget that you exist?

Technical Buyers Want (and Trust) Quality Content from Vendor Websites

It should come as no surprise that the majority of B2B research takes place online. We live in a digital world, my friend.

After Google, technical buyers value vendor websites as their most valuable resource for content. Your technical B2B buyers want to hear from you. Tell them who you are and what you know.

Decision makers also interact with a vendor’s website up to seven times before contacting their sales department. What are you offering them? Will your content provide valuable information?

In fact, if your website regularly produces great content, technical buyers are actually more likely to do business with you.

Content is your B2B’s lynchpin for driving potential sales. With social media, great shareable content means credibility. If someone is sharing your content, that’s reinforcement that it has some value.

1.  Make Sure Your Author Really Knows What They’re Talking About

Greatness recognizes greatness and the opposite of this is also true.

Technical experts can tell if an amateur wrote your content. After all, you wouldn’t trust a bartender to give you legal advice.

Build trust with your content. Have subject matter experts at your company craft amazing content for your website or, at least have them involved in the process to ensure the details are accurate and represent the views of the company.

Experts trust other experts in their field. When technical experts develop your content, they’ll already know what your customers are looking for, which questions they might have, and how to answer them.

2.  Use Accurate, Up-to-Date Information and Lots of Images

technical B2B buyer

Hands down, technical engineers ranked accurate information as the most important aspect of vender content.

And it makes sense: if your content isn’t factually accurate, why would they trust your business?

Use lots of data and statistics to develop charts and graphs or reference expert studies.

Buyers don’t just want accurate info, they also want current content. If new studies come out, make sure to update old blogs or put out something new. Your technical B2B buyer will see that you’re on top of your game and are devoted to continuously learning about the field.

The more images and proof, the better. Readers of all types value lots of diagrams and other ways to easily digest and retain information. People learn and remember information in when its communicated in various ways. Keep this in mind while creating your B2B content.

In addition, you might think about conducting original research in your field. This helps give your business a higher level of legitimacy.

3.  Case Studies Help Make Content Relatable

Technical buyers are risk-averse. Why wouldn’t they be? Most of these services and solutions are high-risk and involve a certain amount of customization.  And because their reputation is on the line, they want to sure when they make a decision.

With case studies, you can offer readers a play-by-play so they know what doing business with your company is like. Case studies allow the reader to see what kinds of businesses already buy from you and how you’re able to solve their problems.  B2B buyers will be more likely to trust your business if they can feel secure they’re making a good choice. Case studies can help them arrive at that decision on their own without too much pressure.

Adding case studies to your content also helps readers troubleshoot problems before they happen. Your technical B2B buyer can see how your product or service works for other customers – just like them—before they decide to make a purchase.

Since case studies come from previous customers, this makes your content much more personal and relatable to readers.

4.  Develop Content with your Technical B2B Buyer in Mind

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes before creating content for them:

What are the common problems they are all trying to solve? What kind of education are your customers seeking? What are the common questions that are repeatedly asked?  How does your company stand-out from your competitors?

Creating user-centric content helps answer customer questions they might not even know they have. And once again, this helps build trust.

Many businesses provide a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the information requested by every prospect.  Another way to help your prospects is to publish a page of content that details the questions they should ask.  In many cases, the prospect reader doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.  If there are questions they should be asking, educate them.

Who is the technical decision maker? Make sure your content is flexible enough to produce value for all roles at a company. You can’t be sure who holds the buying power at your B2B buyer’s company.

Technical B2B decision makers want to see results before making their choice. Show them in your content why your company is the best choice they can make.

5.  Utilize the Power of Headlines and SEO

As mentioned above, after Google, technical engineers value vendor created content more than anything else.

But who cares how great your content is if all your potential customers just scroll passed it while browsing Google search results? This is why headlines and meta descriptions are just as important as your content. You need to catch their eye.

Your headline should be unique and beg the reader to click. They should read the meta description and learn why they need to click to read the whole article.

But without optimizing your pages and blogs, your content won’t even show up in their Google search results.

Creating Great Content for the Technical B2B Buyer

Your customers want to hear what you have to say. Keep in mind that quality always trumps quantity.

The technical B2B buyer wants lots of data and up-to-date, fact-based information. Your customers have lots of questions and want to know what your company can offer them before they take the risk.

Technical decision makers want results. Create quality content by demonstrating how your products and services solve their problems.  Then deliver them some information that helps them understand the results and outcomes they can also expect.  Education is the path to creating trust and credibility.

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