Why You Should Consider B2B Influencer Marketing

Maybe it wasn’t exactly branded as such, but influencer marketing has been around for a long time. Celebrities have been paid to endorse brands for decades. However, advancements in social media marketing have driven the way businesses market themselves to change at a rapid pace and B2B influencer marketing is just one more step inRead more

4 Critical Elements of Lead Generation

Understanding the elements of lead generation is absolutely necessary if you’re going to build a successful lead generation campaign.  Generating leads—both high in quantity and quality, is the objective for every business.  When a prospect calls me, we might talk about a number of things related to marketing, like their ideal client or their onlineRead more

Digital Marketing and How It’s Different From Traditional Marketing

What is digital marketing anyway?  The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Like every other industry, the internet has had its impact on how we market and it’s changed the dynamics significantly.  Given all these changes, it’s now difficult for business owners to understand whether your focus should be onRead more

B2B Lead Generation in 2014

Generating more leads is usually the number one challenge faced by any business.  It’s not about the quality of the leads or reaching decision makers—both of which are important, but the volume of leads produced is typically the biggest issue. And one of the best places to find out what’s working is to ask aRead more