7 Ways to Blog Without Being a Writer

I frequently hear from clients that they would like to blog, but they really aren’t much of a writer.  There are a number of different things that you can add to your blog that allow you to continue adding new and interesting content, where you don’t have to be an excellent writer.  Below I’ve listedRead more

3 Simple Rules to Delivering Awesome Content

Content is King!  Content Rules!  Killer Web Content!  For some time now, we’ve been hearing how the key to success is supplying awesome content for our prospects and customers.  A multitude of books, blogs, articles, etc., written on how to deliver exceptional content, and providing content in any number of formats, but what is exceptionalRead more

Need Blogging Inspiration?

Yesterday I spoke to a group of Senior Care Service Providers about the value of blogging for small business owners.  And no matter when I talk about blogging, people’s biggest fear is what to write about.  Regardless of the business or industry you are in, there are topics galore to write about.  Here are someRead more

10 Tips for Better Blog Writing

The best way to improve a skill is to practice it.  You frequently hear me talk about the importance of frequent blog posts to help build your business.  Those frequent posts also help you to become a better writer as well—you become more succinct and faster at getting your point made.  Here are 10additional tipsRead more