Email Marketing Best Practices–How To Use Frequency and Segmenting For Success

Last week, I delivered a webinar presentation about the value of keeping yourself top of mind with your client and prospect list.  And in that webinar, I mentioned that email marketing is a  great way to do that.  One of the questions that came out of that then was about email marketing best practices and how frequently shouldRead more

Are You Memorable?

One of the reasons people shy against networking events is because, quite frankly, they’re often painful.  As referral marketing and networking expert Dr. Ivan Misner says “It seems everyone goes to a networking event looking to sell, but no one goes looking to buy.” We really should be going to these events to meet interestingRead more

3 Simple Rules to Delivering Awesome Content

Content is King!  Content Rules!  Killer Web Content!  For some time now, we’ve been hearing how the key to success is supplying awesome content for our prospects and customers.  A multitude of books, blogs, articles, etc., written on how to deliver exceptional content, and providing content in any number of formats, but what is exceptionalRead more

6 Ways to Build Content with Your Referral Network

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday my blog post is related to creating a better Referral Marketing system for your business.  This week, the focus is on building content with your referral network.  It’s been said time and time again that “Content is King”.  And in order for the content to really be commanding, itRead more