Guide to Publishing Better Content

As a Duct Tape Marketing consultant, you have to know that I’m a huge fan of systems. We have all kinds of systems in our businesses–accounts payable, product or service fulfillment, whatever the case may be–you’ve most likely developed a process around it. Likewise, the best way to write and deliver valuable content is toRead more

How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Business

Podcasting isn’t new, but it’s certainly important to understand how podcasting can benefit your business. It’s been an active form of audio content for more than a decade. However, it’s generally one that many businesses overlook. The word “podcast” is a blend of the two words, blog and iPod. It’s often presented as a series,Read more

How To Build a Better Blog—Blog Design Tips

We all want to know how to build a better blog to maximize our efforts.  Considering blog design tips is probably the best way to improve your blog. By now, most businesses have learned the importance of SEO to help their online presence. But most haven’t considered the importance of design. With the prevalence ofRead more

How Content Marketing Generates Leads

Business owners want to know how content marketing generates leads.  If you’re going to spend time generating content, you need it to be doing something for you.  The idea behind content marketing is to help a company get found and to then help it generate leads.  In order to generate leads, you have to create contentRead more