Important B2B Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know and Use

Using the right B2B marketing terms will help you set the stage for any marketing discussions around your business.  It means your counterparts won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes and it also means you can hold your own to ask the right questions around areas of opportunity. While B2B marketing terms shareRead more

Marketing Terminology 101–Terms You Need to Know

The field of marketing is a lot like other specialty fields. There are industry terms for everything. It helps create order and ensure that when marketers talk and share ideas, they’re discussing the same ideas. Jargon, aka industry terminology, helps create communication shortcuts. If you’re not a marketer, you need marketing terminology 101. As a businessRead more

Necessary Content Marketing Team Roles

There are a number of content marketing team roles that are necessary to deliver an effective content marketing strategy.  Content marketing is quickly becoming a way of life for marketers. And because it is now so prevalent, the execution of content marketing is becoming increasingly complicated. With all of these changes comes a need forRead more

How To Build a Marketing Budget

Does your company know how to build and use a marketing budget?  Most don’t.  Most wait to see what they need, then react.  Why do we budget for other things, but not for generating new business? When I ask my prospects about a marketing budget, most of them tell they ‘kind of’ have and useRead more