Ideal Client Profile – Understanding the Facts and Fears Is the Real Silver Bullet

Whether you use the term avatar or qualified prospect or buyer persona or ideal client profile doesn’t much matter.  What does matter is that you (and everyone else in the business) understand, as best you can, the person behind the profile. The better you know your Ideal Client, the better your marketing becomes.  You know whoRead more

The Less Than Ideal Client

  Do you know how to accurately describe your ideal client?  I think this is a huge problem for most business owners so what I suggest is to reverse engineer that client profile.  We usually have a pretty good idea who we don’t work particularly well with so start there.

How To Engineer The Ideal Client

To build a decent marketing foundation, it’s really important to start with your strategy.  And in the Duct Tape Marketing world, strategy includes understanding your ideal client and what sets you apart from your competition. So to kick off understanding your ideal client, I usually suggest business owners take inventory of their current clients.  TheRead more

The Number 1 Marketing Recommendation

What is the number 1 marketing recommendation I would make?  Is it email marketing, Facebook, or something else? Check it out.