Guide to Publishing Better Content

As a Duct Tape Marketing consultant, you have to know that I’m a huge fan of systems. We have all kinds of systems in our businesses–accounts payable, product or service fulfillment, whatever the case may be–you’ve most likely developed a process around it. Likewise, the best way to write and deliver valuable content is toRead more

8 Tools To Boost Your Blog

With endless methods out there all claiming to help you create a better blog, it’s hard to know which of them actually work. Fortunately, the following 8 tools to boost your blog will help you in all aspects of blogging–from ideas to search engine optimization. 1.  Qualaroo Every writer finds themselves, at some point orRead more

How To Measure the ROI of Content Marketing

We keep hearing about the value of content marketing—how it helps demonstrate expertise for our company, generate trust and credibility, as well as SEO value and authority when people share—all great stuff.  But how do you measure the ROI of content marketing? While it’s easy to show that you have been working on a numberRead more

Marketing Terminology 101–Terms You Need to Know

The field of marketing is a lot like other specialty fields. There are industry terms for everything. It helps create order and ensure that when marketers talk and share ideas, they’re discussing the same ideas. Jargon, aka industry terminology, helps create communication shortcuts. If you’re not a marketer, you need marketing terminology 101. As a businessRead more