How To Build a Landing Page

Surprisingly, a number of business owners don’t know how to build a landing page.  Landing pages are critical for capturing leads.  A landing page is a page on your website that can only be reached by clicking on a link from an ad or another call to action, and are meant only to capture leadsRead more

4 Critical Elements of Lead Generation

Understanding the elements of lead generation is absolutely necessary if you’re going to build a successful lead generation campaign.  Generating leads—both high in quantity and quality, is the objective for every business.  When a prospect calls me, we might talk about a number of things related to marketing, like their ideal client or their onlineRead more

6 Ways to Use Landing Pages To Generate Leads

One of the most important reasons to use landing pages is the ability to capture metrics.  If you’re going to be spending time and money on different campaigns, you need to understand how effective these campaigns are at producing results.  Looking at analytics on your landing pages will allow you to understand how effective the ad, emailRead more

What Is a Landing Page and How Do I Use It?–Best Practices

In a few of our recent ebooks, Building a Total Online Presence and The Total Online Presence Blueprint, we’ve provided some details on the benefits of employing landing page campaigns.  Because this is a concept that I get asked about a great deal lately, I thought I’d write a post detailing how to use landing pages and some bestRead more