Six Steps to Closing B2B Referrals – Effective Strategies for Reaching Your Target Market

Referrals are the fastest ­path to closing new business.  However, there are some best practices associated with the art of closing referrals.  There are an endless number of resources offering insight, some of it is way off base and even uncomfortable for many. If you’ve used some of these strategies unsuccessfully or are tired ofRead more

How To Build a Marketing Budget

Does your company know how to build and use a marketing budget?  Most don’t.  Most wait to see what they need, then react.  Why do we budget for other things, but not for generating new business? When I ask my prospects about a marketing budget, most of them tell they ‘kind of’ have and useRead more

Lead Generation–Making Your Website Work For You

Lead generation – it’s a term you’ve probably heard.  It’s near and dear to everyone’s heart because it’s the life blood of growing your business.  In fact, it’s probably the number challenge prospects call me about.  And the first thing we do is take a look at the various types of lead generation a companyRead more

How Content Marketing Generates Leads

Business owners want to know how content marketing generates leads.  If you’re going to spend time generating content, you need it to be doing something for you.  The idea behind content marketing is to help a company get found and to then help it generate leads.  In order to generate leads, you have to create contentRead more