How To Nurture Sales leads

Most clients come to me simply because they aren’t generating enough leads. They believe that if they could just get more ‘at bats’ or leads, they could increase their sales. While there’s some truth to this, one of the things that I see lacking in the marketing programs from many companies is a solid leadRead more

5 Ideas For Your Lead Nurturing System

Like I said in my recent post Lead Generation Isn’t  Your Biggest Problem, I don’t believe that lead generation is the biggest challenge for most small businesses.  I actually think it’s lead nurturing and continuing to farm your existing or past clients. As many of you know, I’ve been delivering an educational program called SummerRead more

Lead Generation Isn’t Your Biggest Problem

When I meet with small business owners they always tell me their biggest problem is that they don’t generate enough leads.  And lead generation can be challenging, however, I don’t think lead generations is the real issue–I think the issue is really lead nurturing, and this is particularly true for B2B. Think about the way youRead more

Do You Value The Most Important Thing in Your Business?

The most valuable thing you have in your business is your potential and existing customer list.  These are the people who’ve already done business with you and those that have raised their hand indicating that they want to find out more about you and your business.  I find it interesting that it’s extremely common for me toRead more