Why The Handwritten Note Has Value in B2B Marketing

Is it time for High Tech High Touch Marketing?  There’s no question that technology has added a tremendous amount of value to the world of marketing.  It’s given us the ability to analyze and decipher various metrics necessary to determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.   But for some, high tech tools may have, inRead more

The Simplest Marketing Routine To Build Your Business

  Having a marketing routine is key to creating success in your business.  Routine builds that element of consistency that’s required for generating marketing momentum.  The simple routine that’s described in this video is perfect for those of you that have a short-attention span.  4 extremely simple things to do and keep track of.  LetRead more

Building a Marketing Routine

Successful marketing is routine and consistent.  Routine and consistency is what builds momentum and momentum is what build business growth.  Do you practice a marketing routine?  

The Best Place for Blog Content

I’ve been talking a good deal about blogging lately because I’ve seen how powerful blogging can be for your business. Regular and consistent writing helps you to become more of an expert in your industry and the more educational and valuable content you add to your website, the more traffic you’ll direct to that webRead more