The 3 Functions You Perform In Your Small Business

As we begin 2012, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already heard people talk about focus and better time management as opportunities for improvement. While these are always great to focus on, for small business owners, I think there’s another key area that often gets neglected until well after it’s too late. InRead more

3 Ways to “Think Bigger”

As many of you know, I’ve just returned from the annual Duct Tape Marketing Consultant conference in Kansas City, MO.  The theme of this year’s conference and for 2012 is “Think Bigger”.  And I think that’s a really great theme for me to bring out to you as well. We are well into the 4thRead more

When and How Much Time Should I Spend Marketing?

I do speaking events and workshops on a regular basis and probably the most common question I get asked is about how much time a business owner should spend marketing their business.  They also ask when and how frequently should this marketing take place. Well, despite popular belief, marketing shouldn’t be treated like an event.Read more