Simple Tips for Press Release Writing for Businesses

Regular Press Release writing should be part of any marketing plan in today’s digital world.  For details on why it’s an important marketing tactic, click here. The internet has become the dominant source of distribution for press releases now, so it’s important to understand how that affects what you may or may not include in aRead more

Press Release Marketing–A Form of Lead Generation

Business owners always tell me their biggest challenge is generating new leads.  One tactic that is quite useful for lead generation is press release marketing–and very few businesses ever take advantage of the benefits this approach can offer. Press release marketing, very simply, is using press releases to get your company noticed.  Press releases are meant toRead more

3 Critical Reasons Public Relations Should be Part of Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Public Relations is an often over-looked tactic for many small businesses.  Most business owners think it’s a technique that’s out of reach for their particular business, however, there are 3 critical reasons it needs to be part of your marketing calendar or routine and you need to make room for it. SEO The deepest form ofRead more

5 Step Public Relations Starter Plan

Having a member of the respected media write about your company in a publication that your prospects read is one of the most powerful marketing opportunities available to any business.  Mentions from a 3rd party that is unbiased is incredibly valuable in help you to develop trust throughout your community. While some may argue thatRead more