Rudulph, With Your Nose So Bright, Won’t You Guide My Business Tonight?

Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my business tonight?  Small business owners have a tendancy to follow any bright, shiny light—like the marketing idea of the week.  Sadly, when that doesn’t work, it’s more money wasted and then they move on to the next bright, shiny light. If Santa doesn’t have aRead more

Commitment is Required to Build a Referral Marketing System

Today is Referral Monday and every Monday I write a post about Referral Marketing.  Every week, I write about some aspect of developing a Referral Marketing system for your business and this week, I wanted spend some time talking about what that really means. Building a business based on referrals means that you’ve invested timeRead more

7 Steps to Developing New Strategic Partners

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I write a post on building your path to more referrals.  In order to get more referrals, you really have to be very focused on it and build yourself a system to follow.  Dedicating time and effort to the process is the secret to success. Earlier this week, IRead more

6 Steps to Building a Referral Marketing Follow-up Plan

It’s Referral Monday and this week we’re talking about your Referral Marketing process for small businesses, and, more specifically, about what you do when you get a referral. When someone calls you up and says I’ve given so and so you card because they’re experiencing such and such a problem, what do you do?  IsRead more