B2B Referral Marketing Programs: The Missing Ingredient for Success

Don’t Underestimate the Value of B2B Referral Marketing Few things are as valuable to a business as a steady lead generation strategy that produces hot leads. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have this luxury. For the majority of B2B organizations, generating leads involves cold calling, intensive networking, and the occasional organic lead. While there’s nothing wrongRead more

How To Make a Professional Email Introduction

In business, it’s often who you know. You can establish yourself as an industry leader simply by connecting the right people with a well-written professional email introduction. Joe comes to you and asks if you know anyone who can solve his IT problems. You’re not in IT, but you do have a great resource; Susan.Read more

Improve Referral Conversion Rates With Your Web Presence

Guest Blog Post Courtesy of Phil Singleton Word of mouth referrals have always been and will continue to be one of the best sources of leads for businesses. Yet, with the ubiquity of the Internet, the referral sale process has changed in one very important way: very few business owners will make a final decisionRead more

The 4 Things Your Referral Sources Need to Know

  Referral Marketing is the most cost effective form of lead generation out there and probably the most common, and yet very few business owners actually have a formal referral marketing process or system.  The more you consider marketing and referral marketing a system, the more successful you’ll be with it. We already have allRead more