Is Your Business Delivering WOW?

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I write about Referral Marketing.  In order to be a Referable Business, you have to deserve referrals.  A referable business is one that makes business memorable and exciting so its clients will start talking about it.  A key ingredient to becoming a referable business is to create an awesomeRead more

7 Steps to Developing New Strategic Partners

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I write a post on building your path to more referrals.  In order to get more referrals, you really have to be very focused on it and build yourself a system to follow.  Dedicating time and effort to the process is the secret to success. Earlier this week, IRead more

5 Ways to Collect Testimonials

It’s Referral Monday.  Every Monday, my blog post is about some aspect of referral marketing.  This week, I’m talking about using testimonials to build your referability. Testimonials in various formats are extremely valuable for those contemplating buying your products or services.  First, they show other people that someone else has already done business with you. Read more