3 Things Necessary to Produce Advertising Results

The world of marketing has changed significantly over the last number of years as we’re more and more selective about the messages we’re exposed to.  Because we now have the ability to tune out a good deal of the messaging we’re exposed to, we see a shift from outbound to inbound marketing efforts, and advertisingRead more

ROI And Advertising—3 Key Benchmarks

Recently, I wrote about 2 step direct response advertising because I think it’s the most valuable method of advertising.  For small business owners, advertising can be a tough one.  In order for typical media advertising to be effective, it needs to repetitive and consistent, and most small businesses just don’t have the budget to supportRead more

Tips on Small Business Advertising–Part 2

Last week, I wrote a post on small business advertising.  In the post, I discussed how to create a 2 –Step Direct Response ad piece.  The idea here is to run advertising that offers a free or low-cost report or service only.  When you offer a free how-to report, or tip sheet, you build trust,Read more

Tips on Small Business Advertising–Part 1

Small business owners are often skeptical about advertising,  and they should be.  Effective advertising needs to communicate the benefits of buying from you.  Most small business advertising goes something like this, “I’m Joe, and my company is Joe’s Flooring.  We’re at 12345 Main Street in Anycity.  Come on down and buy from me.”  And there’sRead more