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Behind every strong small business is an equally strong and well-planned marketing system.  Because marketing is not an event, but a system, it’s important to understand what that system looks like and how to build the system for your own business. Later this month, I will be joining bestselling author and the creator of the DuctRead more

Listen Carefully… Your Clients Are Telling You How To Market To Them

When I talk with clients about thinking strategically about their marketing, we sit down and talk very specifically about how their product or service solves a problem or frustration.  Let’s face it, for everything we are out there selling, the prospect has to perceive they have some kind of problem that needs solving. We runRead more

Small Business Saturday

  This coming Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday. Click here for more information. We’ve got Black Friday and Cyber Monday to celebrate and kick off the holiday shopping season for the big box stores and online outlets, so Small Business Saturday was created to help us focus on shopping locally and pumping someRead more

Time & Money, It Takes Both to Market a Small Business

Regardless of what you’re up to, there’s a certain amount of time and money required if it’s worth doing at all.  Some people think that you can just throw money at it, and that will solve the problem.  And others think that if you put enough time into something you should be able to reapRead more