Social Media Marketing Results—4 Elements Brands Can’t Ignore

While there’s hardly a company around that isn’t using social media marketing to some extent, many are not using it all that effectively. I hear folks commenting on how they’re not sure how to figure out their return on their investment or how to know if they’re making any kind of impact. In order toRead more

How to Optimize Your Social Media Activity Via Click-Throughs

Publishing social media updates with links to your web site is one way to generate more traffic. But it’s not quite as simple as just publishing the links–unfortunately, it’s not build it, and they will come. There are seven steps you should follow to optimize your social media marketing to generate the click-through activity necessaryRead more

Social Media Marketing–Buzz Phrase or Real Business Builder?

In the minds of many businesses, social media marketing isn’t just a buzz phrase anymore—it’s become a necessary form of marketing.  After all social media is really just an extension of word-of-mouth marketing.  But is it a means of marketing that will work for businesses that don’t sell to the consumer? Certainly, we’ve seen it become aRead more