How Much Do You Give Away for Free?

I always say that the best way for a business owner to build trust is to make your prospects and customers better consumers in your industry. And that’s why creating and delivering and sharing educational content is important. We’ve been talking about the value of content for some time now. Writing and delivering content helpsRead more

How To Create a Video Introduction For Your Web Site

We all know the benefits of adding video to our websites:  it creates a stronger presence for yourself, and it offers you an even better opportunity to show your face as well as your personality to help you create know, like, and trust.  In order to create an effective video introduction, follow the 6 stepsRead more

5 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Write Content for your Website

When I work with a client, more often than not, we go through a process where it’s simply time to update the content on their website.  And for many small business owners, this particular step usually throws them off and they resort to checking out their competition and creating copy cat content for their ownRead more

3 Simple Rules to Delivering Awesome Content

Content is King!  Content Rules!  Killer Web Content!  For some time now, we’ve been hearing how the key to success is supplying awesome content for our prospects and customers.  A multitude of books, blogs, articles, etc., written on how to deliver exceptional content, and providing content in any number of formats, but what is exceptionalRead more