10 Tips for Better Blog Writing

The best way to improve a skill is to practice it.  You frequently hear me talk about the importance of frequent blog posts to help build your business.  Those frequent posts also help you to become a better writer as well—you become more succinct and faster at getting your point made.  Here are 10additional tips to help you improve your writing for a better blog post.

1.  Avoid a formal writing style.  You still want to be professional but relax your writing style somewhat.  A less formal style will help you better connect with your followers because you’ll come off as a real person.  Try writing as you would talk.

2.  Provoke thought.  Don’t solve the problem for them.  Give them some great information but leave them pondering so they’ll engage you and ask you for more information about features etc..

3.  Use short sentences.  Short sentences tend to be easier and faster to read.  Easier and faster reading means they’ll read more of what you have to say.  Short sentences make it easier to follow each point of an argument.

4.  Brevity is the key.  Write out your first draft and then go through and see what words you can remove without changing the meaning.   Too many times, I find myself trying to scan but because there are so many words, it’s difficult to identify the take-away message.  

5.  Take a stance.  Defend your position and don’t feel it’s necessary to cover every possible option.  Use decisive wording and avoid hedging.  Phrases like ‘almost all’ weaken your argument.  

6.  Repeat a phrase.  Repetition can be very effective in your writing because it creates structure and rhythm.  Repetition can also create flow making it easier to read.

7.  Create empathy.  You want your reader to know that you understand his problem because you’ve dealt with it and you’re experienced at managing it or eliminating it.  Your credibility with the reader goes way up and if you can convince them you’ve been there and done that.

8.  Use comparisons.  Metaphors and analogies can be very powerful, especially if you relate your situation to something that the reader already accepts as true.  And you don’t always have to compare apples and apples.  For example, don’t compare your program to that of someone else, compare it with another service that you offer.   

9.  Provide reasons why.  We all want to understand the benefit so we need to answer the question why.  None of us likes to be told to do something without understanding why.  When you need your reader to be receptive to your suggestion, always answer why.

10. Use storytelling.  You’ve heard me say this before too.  Storytelling is very powerful because the reader can identify with the characters in the story and know that there is someone out there just like them.  And if the solution worked for someone else in the same situation, it’s reasonable to think it should work for them too. 

Try to incorporate a couple of these tips into each of your posts when you sit down to write.  Your writing is sure to improve over time with practice and a few of these techniques.

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  • Thanks Kelly for this GREAT insight.

    I really like #8. I use this allot in my Blogging to show the reader what the difference is.

    Keep up the good info.

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